January 30, 2023
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The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Renewed By Netflix? When Will It Return? Everything To Know

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

Netflix’s adult animated series attracted millions of viewers with its unique storyline, leaving the fans curious about The Midnight Gospel Season 2. The series first aired in April 2020 and earned a high rating of 8.2/10 on IMDB and 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore, the success of the animated series makes it a strong contender for a second season. But unfortunately, many famous shows under the umbrella of Netflix have been held back due to the pandemic. 

The series follows Clancy Gilroy, a Spacecaster living on a tape-like planet called the Chromatic Ribbon. The planet is located amid a colorful void. Further, the simulation farmers work with powerful bio-organic technology to search multiple universes for natural resources and new technology.

In the first season finale, the police apprehended Clancy for his actions. Further, Clancy’s pet absorbed the bullet fired at him and escaped by boarding a giant convoy of buses. So the big question is, Will The Midnight Gospel return for season 2? Here are all the details about the following season.

Netflix Renewed The Midnight Gospel Season 2?

The cliffhanger conclusion and the high reviews do make a strong case for the second season of The Midnight Gospel. However, Netflix has not decided the future of The Midnight Gospel Season 2 yet. But neither has the streaming giant denied the return of the series for season 2. Hence, fans can be hopeful to hear a positive response from Netflix in the upcoming months. Netflix usually renews a series within a year after the premiere. However, the pandemic has affected the production of many shows on the streaming service, including The Midnight Gospel.

Meanwhile, creator Duncan Trussel recently shared his views on the second season. He expressed his excitement for season 2 and revealed that he is ready to work on the show again. Earlier, the creator also claimed that the series would return for The Midnight Gospel Season 2. However, he clarified that the show’s future would solely depend on Netflix’s decision. The creator is also eagerly waiting to receive a positive response on the animated series and is curious to start working on the second installment.

Image: Netflix

Who Will Feature Next Season?

Dun Trussel is expected to return as Clancy Gilroy in The Midnight Gospel Season 2. Further, Phil Hendrie, Stephen Root, and Maria Bamford are the recurring voice cast expected to return next season. Moreover, Dough Lussenhop, Joey Diaz, Christina P., Johnny Pemberton, and Steve Little can also join the cast. In addition, some new guest stars are also expected to appear during the second season.

Image: Netflix

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: When Will It Return?

Netflix is yet to announce the second installment of the animated series. However, if a renewal comes anytime near the end of 2021, fans can expect to see The Midnight Gospel Season 2 in the second half of 2022. Further, the creator already has some interesting storylines for the second season, which will not take long to be processed into computer animations. So, stay tuned for recent updates on your favorite shows.

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