January 30, 2023
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Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2: When Is The Show Coming Back? What’s Next For Emma?


Amazon Prime Video aired the first season of its thriller drama series Tell Me Your Secrets in February 2021. The season of the show became a talk of the town with its intense drama and captivating storyline. Fans were impressed by the first season. And now, they are wondering about Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2. So here’s what we know about it.

Amazon Prime Videos’s Tell Me Your Secrets is an ardent thriller drama series. The series follows three individuals Emma, who was in a relationship with a serial killer. Mary, a distraught mother, is searching for her missing daughter. And John, a reformed criminal. All three individuals have their own mysteries, which served as the series’ journey. 

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2: Is It Renewed?

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2
Image: Amazon Prime

The first season of Tell Me Your Secrets premiered on Amazon Prime Video in February 2021. It has been widely praised by the audience and critics alike. Now, as far as Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 is concerned, unfortunately, the network has not released any detail about it.

According to reports, the platform is waiting to determine the audience’s response on the first season they will make a decision about the future of the show. Meanwhile, actress Rabe said during an interview that even though the storyline of the first season has been wrapped, there is a lot more than they can explore if a second season happens. So, all fans can do for now is to wait. But we are hopeful about the possibility of a second season in some time.

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2: What Could Happen?

Tell Me Your Secrets  Season 2

The first season of Tell Your Secrets ended with a shocking turn of events. Viewers learned that Mary is a “monster” herself. She was not able to make peace with the truth about Theresa. It was her, not Karen, who was an ally in the crimes of Kit Parker. Mary betrayed Emma despite the fact that she knew the truth. As a result, she has no choice but to be on the run again. It was also revealed that Emma’s daughter is now with Theressa. Viewers saw Emma pledging to find her daughter at the end of the first season.

So, when the series returns for a second season, it will continue the story after the events of the first season. Fans will learn what is next for Emma. She was stuck with Mary on one hand and Theresa on the other. In the second season, Emma will be searching for her daughter. They will also find out what Thresa’s true intention is and to what extent she is willing to go. 

Tell Me Your Secrets  Season 2

Meanwhile, viewers will also learn what is up with John as Emma attacked him in the last season. The season can also focus on the plotline about The Jerome House. Rose and her father Bodie planned to kill a Jerome House tenant after finding out about the medical ruse behind closed doors.

Tell Me Your Secretes Season 2 will also reveal will Theresa and Mary reunite. Also, the second season will provide answers to all the questions that fans were wondering at the end of the first season. Although, there are several other directions in which the show can head when and if it returns for another season. 

Tell Me Your Secrets: Who Would Return?

Tell Me Your Secrets  Season 2

The drama series Tell Me Your Secrets stars Lily Rabe in the lead role of Emma Hall. Emma is a woman who was associated with a criminal. Also, in the series, Hamish Linklater plays John Tyler, a criminal who is trying to redeem himself. A frantic mother, Mary Barlow, whose kid has been missing, is played by Amy Brenneman. The show also stars Stella Baker as Theresa Barlow, Katherine Willis as Diana Lord, and Bob by Baker as Georgia Dubreaux. And most of these cast members will reprise their roles when the show returns for Tell Me Your Secrets Season 4

 Is Tell Me Your Secrets Based On True Story?

Tell Me Your Secrets  Season 2

The drama series Tell Me Your Secrets has captivated the audience with its intense drama and gripping characters. However, due to the characters’ emotional depth of the characters in the series, fans often wonder if the series is based on true events? The answer is no. Tell Me Your Secrets is not based on any certain event. 

However, the criminal past and the situations they end up in may have drawn inspiration from real-life infamous criminal cases. The fictitious narrative and the characters of the series are penned by Harriet Warner. He is also known for ‘Dangerous Liaisons.’ And Warner chose to associate Emma with a serial killer because she sensed that their relationship was born out of devotion and the subsequent trauma that arises from remorse.

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